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Guaranteed Tuition Plan

Student studyingThe Texas A&M System Board of Regents has approved a Guaranteed Tuition Plan that locks in rates for tuition and fees for all undergraduate students.

This means Texas A&M-Corpus Christi undergraduate students will pay the same amount for full-time tuition and fees for up to four years. Currently enrolled and transfer students will have a plan guaranteed for one, two or three years based on their classification as sophomores, junior or seniors. Following the passage of a state law requiring this change, the University came up with a plan to ensure the quality of all services remains high while guaranteeing you a steady rate.

Starting in the Fall 2014 semester, tuition will increase between $5-$15 per semester credit hour and then remain the same until graduation, unless:

  • There is a change in the student's major.
  • The freshman student does not finish in four years.

With the help of scholarships and other financial aid, we will ensure that students have every opportunity to continue their education through graduation just as we have in the past.

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